Tri-I Cmv


Centrais Hidropneumáticas Inverter com 3 CMV

40 - 103m
Pressão Max

21.6 - 66m³/h
Caudal Max

0.9 - 4kW
Potência do motor

G 1 ½ - 2 F


TRI-I series are three pump CMV, with inverter drive, pressure boosting sets supplied preassembled and ready to install. The pressure is read in real time to adapt the motor revolutions regulated by variable speed drives and to adjust the flow provided to the demand of the installation. This ensure a constant water supply pressure. The reduction of the motor frequency also leads to considerable energy savings, as well as reducing the noise level at the site where the equipment is installed.


The pump should be installed in an enclosed environment or sheltered from inclement weather.


This sets are preassembled with collector stainless steel discharge (suction as suplement), valves and brass valves, 3 pressure pumps CMV with inverter drive, expantion vasel of 12L, galvanized steel frame and bracket.

Pumped liquid

Clean water.
Max. liquid temperature: 35°C.


Externally ventilated. Mechanical seal (carbon-graphite). Protection IP44. Class F insulation.


Max. starts/hour: 30



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