Submersible Electric Pumps Borehole 4" - 2"

Submersible Electric Pumps Borehole 4" - 24"
Submersible Electric Pumps, of 2", for Boreholes 4"
Suitable for water uptake in boreholes 4". Water systems for
home and industrial uses in continuous or intermittent.
Automatic distribution of water with reservoir autoclave.
Irrigation. Fire-fighting installations. Aqueducts, fountains, etc.

The range of pumps borehole is divided in:
"E" - 2" Total Head: 185m Max Capacity:   13,2m3/h
"F" - 2" Total Head: 180m Max Capacity:   14,4m3/h


  • Head and support for the engine union are in stainless steel;
  • Impellers and diffusers are in polycarbonate reinforced
    with anti-corrossive and non-toxic specular surfaces,
    with waterproof insert in stainless steel;
  • Outer jacket, coupling, suction filter and
    protection of electrical cable in stainless steel.


  • Submersible electric motor Franklin
    water bath lubrificated, with pressure
    compensator and diaphragm;
  • Stator sub-vacuum impregnated with resin
    and coated stainless steel;
  • Protection IP68;
  • Tension standard.


  • Max. temperature of water: 35ºC;
  • Max. starts/hour: 20.;
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