Formed in 1979, OLIJU started its manufacturing activity in Arcozelo by Julio Nogueira Rodrigues, beginning with the manufacture of pumps. In 1996, proceeded to move to Rio Meão, since the premises are presented small, for the project.
At the beginning of the third millennium, OLIJU is the result of a strategy aimed at creating a company capable of developing effective policies for growth.
In 2002, due to its growth, expanded facilities for the purchase of another warehouse located in Esmoriz.In the years following the OLIJU increased and renewed its machining center.
In the last quarter of 2007 started the expansion of the facilities of the plant in Esmoriz.

One of the greatest peculiarities of Oliju has been its massive production flexibility. This means, firstly, the ability to minimize the response times to the order, and second, the ability to adapt to sudden variations in demand in terms of quantity or composition. The average daily production can be considerably increased during periods of peak demand.
All pumps are produced individually subjected to functional testing foolproof electrical and hydraulic systems.

The growth strategy of the production of Oliju was developed from well-defined conductive lines: design, deployment, and internal production.
Planned investments in recent years allowed the company to maintain adequate programs of research and development, with constantly updated equipment for the assembly of products in particular, as well as concepts of subject areas such as prototyping and testing, completely automated and equipped with modern equipment and technologically advanced. This allowed the constant expansion and renovation of the product range, with stringent safety and reliability, and continuous research in innovation processes in order to achieve large economies of scale in manufacturing costs.

The real wealth of Oliju is its human resources. In a particularly technological and commercial know-how is the most valuable and difficult to reproduce, that a company has. With this in mind, considerable emphasis is placed on the selection, training and working conditions, stimulating and encouraging employees to create innovation and contribute to the development and success of the company.
The human resources of Oliju grew in parallel with the changes and we expect a considerable increase in the near future as a result of the decision to implement ISO 9000 certified company.