Central Hydropneumatic DUO or TRI CMH/CMV

Central Hydropneumatic DUO or TRI CMH/CMV
Central Hydropneumatic with 2 (DUO) or 3 (TRI)
Electric Pumps CMH or CMV
The booster sets DUO CMV and DUO CMH consist of two identical pumps
CMH or CMV and Tri CMH/CMV consist of 3 pumps in parallel on a common
chassis with a control panel and motor protection. The enslavement of the
pumps is provided by a pressure switch.
The booster sets Duo/Tri CMH/CMV are assembled, tested and preset
at the factory.

Each booster contains:

• stainless steel suction collector (on request);
• stainless steel discharge collector;
• valves;
• pressure gauge;
• pressure switch (1 by pump)

• Systems water supplies
• Irrigation
• Water treatment systems
• Industrial installations.

NOTE: The booster sets (TRI) or models not listed will
be calculated on demand and as the need to install


  • Pump bodies in cast iron;
  • Exterior shell in stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • Shaft in stainless steel (AISI 420);
  • Impeller in stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • Diffusor in noryl with fiber-glass.
  • Galvanized steel base;
  • Suction and discharge manifolds
    in stainless steel (AISI 420);

Technical data

  • External ventilation;
  • Mechanical seal
    (aluminium axide-carbon-graphite);
  • Mechanical seal (SIC/SIC DIN24960) on request;
  • Protecction IP44;
  • Class F insulation.
  • Tension standard.


  • Max. temperature of water: 35ºC;
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