Submersible Electric Pumps Aqualiju

Submersible Electric Pumps Aqualiju
Submersible Electric Pumps for wells.
Domestic applications, agriculture, industrial uses, irrigation
(proper for 3 5 irrigators), transfers and mean pressure washing.

For "Aqualiju SA" the lower guide, in Noryl, of shaft and the rubber feet
on the bottom of the pump reduce vibration making it suitable for direct
installation at the bottom of tanks.

The range "Aqualiju" is divided into:
"AJ" 1" Total Head: 77m Max Capacity:   3,8m3/h
"A" 1 1/4" Total Head: 85m Max Capacity:   5,9m3/h
"AC" 1 1/2" Total Head: 77m Max Capacity: 12m3/h
"AB" 2" Total Head: 57m Max Capacity: 22m3/h
"SA" 1 1/4" Elevação max: 85m Caudal max:   5,9m3/h


  • Pump casing in stainless steel (AISI304);
  • Radial Centrifugal Turbine Stainless Steel (AISI 304);
  • Shaft in stainless steel (AISI 416);
  • Diffuser in fiberglass reinforced NORYL.


  • Externally cooled by the pumped liquid;
  • Cooled with mineral oil for alimentary use, non-toxic, non pollutant;
  • Mechanical seal (aluminium axide-carbon-graphite);
  • Mechanical seal (SIC/SIC DIN24960) on request;
  • Protection IP58;
  • Power cord with 20m or other length on request;
  • Tension standard;
  • Class F insulation.


  • Max. temperature of water: 35ºC;
  • Max. sand contents: 60g/m3;
  • Max. starts/hour: 30.
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